Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Quirkle Challenge 67 - Mabel's Incredible Talents

Donna hosted the challenge this week and set us the task of using a timepiece, some glitter and some brush strokes to complete our Quirkle.

I had great fun and of course Mabel got involved.

Thanks go to Irene Alexeeva, 500 ml and Headley Designs for the elements and brushes.

Photograph is my own.

Font (much altered) is WhatsHappened.


indybev said...

Ann, I've never known anyone to advance so quickly in finding all the bells and whistles of Photoshop. This is remarkable....and funny....and very Ann!!! Standing ovation.

June said...

Love this one and that bling is fabby. great work taluula
Hugs J

carine said...

love the image of the child on your atc card..it's beautiful

Anonymous said...

c'est très drôle....!