Friday, 26 December 2008

Mable Parties Her Way Through Christmas

The last I saw of Mabel she was having a wicked time celebrating the festive season.

Credit goes to 51291 for the handsome mask and hat. The background is made up of so many brushes I'm unable to name them, but say thank you for their use anyway.

The dress and stockings are my own design.

The font (much altered) is Chocolate Box.

Thank you for looking.


indybev said...

Ahhh, Mabel most excellent! I love these pages filled with many things that I just can't seem to manage to put together. This one requires long study and engenders great admiration!!

Ozstuff said...

Absolutely fantastic, Ann. I agree with Bev. These pages are so full of different elements that it takes an age to make sure not to miss any. It isn't just a matter of slapping them together is it? I can see all the hard work and thought that have gone into this and, wow, what a product!!

Anonymous said...

That Mabel, how fun! I too can see all the hard work it took to put this all together…with you wonderful sense-of-humor.

Applause, Applause, Applause.

June said...

Fabulous work as always !!!

Alberta and Ava said...

Mabel looks fabulous, dahling. I saw her on Flickr but she's so irristible I had to come visit her at your place too!