Tuesday 29 March 2011


This week Marie has chosen the very interesting theme of STEAMPUNKERIE for our inspiration ... a theme I love to play with.

Above, is Henry in his brand new invention, the steampunk horse drawn carriage.  You might notice he doesn't need to steer the carriage as it is entirely clockwork and in consequence Henry is able to pretend to read to impress his neighbours.

Below, is Albert, who has been tinkering in a completely different way and has invented the first steam assisted clockwork musical flying machine.  Such genius!

Albert is an ATC for a swap with Miss Peppa Pig as is the decorated envelope in which the ATC was sent.

Credit goes to FinecraftedDesigns and Marta Van Eck for their current Steampunk themed kits.

Thank you Marie for a great theme.

Sunday 27 March 2011


This week Marie has chosen the word BLOOM for our inspiration and that reminded me of the new turquoise roses I noticed in our local park.  They are very special,  not only are they a beautiful shade of turquoise but they also grow to a height of 10 feet and the children love to climb on them and play games ........ or they did until they were confronted by the giant beetle that has made its home in one of the blooms!

Credit to Marta Van Eck for the background whilst the Roses is a sculpture in New York!

Thank you for looking.


The theme this week at Sunday Postcard is WHITE and I love playing with white on white so I made some time to have a little go and here's what I did.

Credit to Minette for these lovely white elements.

Thank you for looking.

Tuesday 22 March 2011


Bev has chosen the LAND OF ODD as her theme for this week and what great fun I had in my very own Land of Odd where everything is perfectly normal to me!

Credit to Kubivet, Efie, Marta Van Eck and the Deviant Scraps collaboration freebie Colour Splash.

Thanks Bev for a great theme.

Thank you for looking.

Sunday 20 March 2011


It is week 21 at Take a Word and Marie has chosen ARCHITECTURE as our word for inspiration this week.  That got me thinking about the little wooden house at the end of my road where the meteorologist lady lives.   I often see her with her hand stuck out of the window and think what an ingenious way that is to forecast rain.

Credit goes to the designers at Deviant Scraps for their freebie - Colour Splash - available via Somerset Digital Studio magazine.

Thank you for looking.

Tuesday 15 March 2011


It's my turn to host at  the Three Muses this week and I have chosen FISH as my theme.

Here is my interpretation.

Credit to Honey Designs, Efie and the very talented ladies at the Water LO Project, whilst the 'hook' was in the Public Domain.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday 13 March 2011


Another week and another word and this week Marie has chosen GREEN for our inspiration.  That got me thinking about the new couple who have moved in next door.   A spot of stickybeaking over the hedge informs me he likes to tinker with old gadgets and valves, whilst I have to report the lady of the house smokes!

Another great word Marie.

Credit to Finecrafted Designs whilst the font is Fontdinerdotcom.

Thank you for looking.

Wednesday 9 March 2011


Marie has chosen SPRING for this week's theme at the Three Muses.  

Now to anyone else I know that might conjure up visions of sunshine, lush green grass and Spring flowers, but not me.  Nope, all I could think of were SPRINGS!  So here is a selection of springs all mixed up with steampunkery!!!!

Sometimes I despair of my sanity.  Tee hee!

I couldn't choose between the two collages so I present both interpretations.

Credit to Cali Designs, Finecrafted Designs whilst the backgrounds in each are my own.

Great choice of theme Marie.

Thank you for looking and commenting.

Sunday 6 March 2011


Another week and another word, and this week Marie has chosen BIRDLIFE for her 19th Take a Word challenge, and that got me thinking about the birdlife in my garden!!!

Great word for inspiration Marie.

Credit to Irene Alexeeva, Nancy at Studio B, and  Efie, with a few bits and pieces and the background being my own.

Thank you for looking.

Tuesday 1 March 2011


Bev has chosen Ancestors as her theme for this week at the Three Muses and that  reminded me of my three great aunts (on my Father's side) who lived in a rather large  house in the country.  They often spent their time in London society meeting eligible young bachelors at elegant balls and dinner parties.  They also hosted many country house weekends where they spent time with their guests shooting and hunting, or if the weather was inclement,  playing card games or games of hide and seek in the many rooms in the vast house.   Eliza and Ellen eventually settled down and married rich young husbands, but the third great aunt (whose name is never mentioned in polite society) married a different kind of man entirely and it is rumoured  she ran off and joined the circus!

Credit goes to Scrapidea, CAJoline and NumbBumm, whilst the aunts and the sculpture are in the public domain and the background is my own.

Thanks Bev for a great theme.

Thank you for looking.