Sunday 30 September 2012



Sim has chosen Manuscript as our word for inspiration at Take a Word this week and when I found this lovely soft scripted background by the ladies at the WaterLO Project I thought of lazy Summer afternoons.  So imagine my surprise when I spied these young mums with their offspring (CAJ Designs) enjoying just such an afternoon as I strolled through my local park recently! 

Thanks, Sim, for a lovely theme.

Thank you for looking.

Saturday 29 September 2012


 My take on Liz Huston's  'Betwixt'

My interpretation of 'Familiar Wounds' 

Here's Mabel helping out with a piece inspired by Brandie Butcher

Both artists were inspiration at Digitalmania.

Credits may be found on my Flickr.

Thank you for looking.

Tuesday 25 September 2012



I have no idea where this came from ..... or what it means.  I blame my Muse!

Credit to Irene Alexeeva, NumbBumm and Bluesse.

Thank you for looking.

Sunday 23 September 2012



Our word for inspiration is BLUE and that reminded me that here in the northern hemisphere we're sliding in to Autumn and then Winter ...... time to batten down the hatches, bring out the furry slippers and an extra layer of clothing .... brrrrrr. 

Here's a little charm to keep me going until Spring!

Credit to the ladies at the WaterLO Project.

Thank you for looking.

Tuesday 11 September 2012


The theme is TURQUOISE across at the Three Muses this week and after finding some difficulty in getting started I eventually ended up with two pieces!

The first piece was me playing around with layers and blends and colours.   Mmmmmm .... not sure!

The second is inspired by a holiday I'm about to take with my family in the Lake District.   Plenty of fresh air, good food and long walks will be the order of the day.  :D

(Have to confess I've just got back from a week in Cornwall too ..... hee hee)

Credits to Finecrafted Designs, Holliewood Studios and Irene Alexeeva, whilst the boot was filched from the internet.

Thank you for looking.

Sunday 9 September 2012



I couldn't resist incorporating this gorgeous swirling black and white background into my Hearts and Flowers collage for this week's theme at Take a Word.   A perfect contrast for the gorgeous deep blood red of the background.  Mmmmmmm.

Credit to Finecrafted Designs and Cali Designs.

Thank you for looking.

Tuesday 4 September 2012



Bev, has chosen School Days as her theme for our inspiration this week, and that made me think of an apple for the teacher so here we go!

Credit to Hidden Vintage, Granny Art and Efie.

Thank you for looking.

Monday 3 September 2012



This week we have NUMBERS as our word for inspiration at TAKE A WORD, and that reminded me of the beautiful nymph I saw in my garden early one morning recently.  She was sitting serenely beside the garden pond gazing at her own reflection ...... or may be it was at the water lilies.   Had she not moved slightly I would have missed her clothed as she was in hues of green and blue.  I was distracted by a bird flying high overhead and when I looked back in her direction she was gone! Mmmmm.

The 'nymph' is courtesy of Dover, the backgrounds are from the ladies of the WaterLO Project, whilst the numbers of the clock I am unable to credit but if you know their origin please let me know.

Thank you for looking.