Saturday, 13 December 2008

Mabel and the Snow - A Quirkle Challenge

Donna chose the colour purple, a number or numbers and some dots to be used in our Quirkle this week.

As I've just made my first foray into making my own templates I thought the numbers should be used as templates, so that's how Mabel is looking out of number 25 and showing Albert the snow.

The background is courtesy of Can Designs, and the photos are from my own collection.

The fonts (much altered) are slugfest and WhatsHappened.


Veronica said...

Fabulous - love the way they are looking through the numbers.


Vron xx

Faye said...

Great look!

Please check out the award I have for you on my blog.

Ozstuff said...

Fantastic Quirkle, Ann. Such a unique approach (which we expect from you!!) with the numbers acting as windows. And everything required by Donna's challenge is there. Wonderful stuff.