Tuesday 29 September 2009

Three Muses Challenge 15 - Zlightly Zetti

It's Marie's turn to host the Three Muses challenge this week and she has chosen the theme of Zlightly Zetti.

So here I am zlightly zettified.

Credit to Caravan Scraps, Farrah's Design Scraps, Cleome1 (Flickr) and Clix at StockXchnge. The photo is one I took earlier this week, the keyboard is my own and the pigs are public domain.

Thanks Marie for another fun challenge.

Thanks for looking.

Artists Studio Challenge No 3 - Slightly Surreal

Marie hosted this week's new challenge at Digital Art Quirks and she chose the theme of Slightly Surreal (Autumnal), and I had great fun creating this one for the challenge. Thanks Marie.

All credit for the background and all elements goes to the very talented and very generous Efie at her blogspot. Thanks Efie.

Thanks for taking the time to look.

Sunday 27 September 2009


Leeds Met Council, here in the UK, staged one of its free events in the ruins of Kirkstall Abbey a couple of weeks ago and this one was an evening of classical music.

The idea of this particular event was to enjoy an evening of music, lightshows and fireworks with family and friends and by bringing along a picnic and a bottle of wine, a great time was had by all.

Here are a few of my photos.

Thursday 24 September 2009

Artists Studio Challenge No 2 - Mermaids

This is Daisy, Mabel's other sister, who married well and therefore was in a position to indulge her every fashion whim. Say what you like, but I think there's something just a little bit fishy about this outfit but Mabel says there is no accounting for taste.

Credit to Clearly Vintage (Flickr free to share) for Daisy, and also to a lovely French artists I discovered, (Cajoline-Scraps at her blogspot), for the remaining elements other than the fish tail which started life as a guppy and was altered by me.

Created for the new Artists Studio challenge at Digital Art Quirks.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday 22 September 2009

Three Muses Challenge 17 - Windows

This week it's my turn to host the challenge across at the Three Muses, and I have chosen the theme of Windows.

Am I looking out of or into this window ....... I'm not sure?

Credit to Playing with Brushes for the backgrounds, Kubivet for the window, Aprilmouse for the flower, whilst the images of Marcel Marceau are from the Public Domain.

Thank you for taking the time to look.

Monday 21 September 2009

Collage Play with Crowabout - Week 53

It's week 53 at Nancy Baumiller's Collage Play with Crowabout Challenge.

Credit to Nancy for the collage sheet.

Thanks for looking

Mixed Media Monday - Metal

Metal is the theme at MMM this week, so here is my metal man, hope you like him.

Credit (big breath now) Missy Lyn, Truly Toxic, Efie, NumbBumm, Artsyfartsyqueen, Momparadise Designs, Scrapity Scrap and More, and finally Tammara from Pixel Music. Thanks ladies. Border and keyboard are my own.


Sunday 20 September 2009

TGIF - It's Magic

Created for the Thank God It's Friday challenge where the theme this week is : It's Magic.

Credit to Nicole Young Designs for the backgrounds and word art (altered) and the sparkles (also altered) are courtesy of NumbBumm. The hat was in the public domain.

Thanks for looking.

Digital Art Quirks - Moo

There's a new challenge across at Digital Art Quirks and this week it was to make a Moo. So here my Mabel Moo.

Credit to Designs by Kelly, Tracy Did It and HBFIC, and the fonts are Kenteken and Palsu.

Mabel, of course, is part of the family.

Thanks for looking.

Thursday 17 September 2009

Theme Thursday - Flourishes

Here is my entry for Theme Thursday where this week the theme is Flourishes.

I'm not sure what you'll think of this one, it sort of turned out a bit of a dark one, but I have to say sometimes I'm not totally responsible for what my muse supplies. If you know what I mean.

Credit to Truly Toxic, Tygers Tidbits, Sarah Bryan Designs and MomParadise Designs. The stripey bits are my own.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Collage Play with Crowabout - Week 52

My entry for Nancy Baumiller's Collage Play with Crowabout across at Flickr.

All parts are courtesy of Nancy.

Thanks for looking.

Three Muses Challenge 15 - Pockets

Bev is hosting the Three Muses challenge this week and has chosen the wonderful theme of pockets.

I had to think about this one for a little while, and then I thought about a pocket full of memories of my youth, so here it.

Credit to Tracy Did It, Sassy Imagination, Designs by Kelly, HBFIC and Bad Girlz Stuff (all from the Funkadelic Freebies Blogtrain). Thank you ladies. The pocket is courtesy of Emacinne at Stockxchnge.

Thanks Bev for the theme.

Thanks for looking.

Monday 14 September 2009

August ATC - Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was my choice for the theme of ATC for August at DAQ.

Here is what I created.

Credit to Eifi's blogspot for all the London elements, the Charlie Chaplin images were from the public domain.

Fonts SpeedballNo3 and Snowshoe.

Thanks for looking.

Friday 11 September 2009

Thank God It's Friday - Skulls

Created for the TGIF theme of Skulls.

The skull was in the Public Domain, the backgrounds, the flowers and the butterfly are courtesy of NumbBumm, and the glass eyes and the keyboard are my own.

Thanks for looking.

Thanks for looking.

Thursday 10 September 2009

Theme Thursday - Vintage Women ATC

It's Vintage Women in ATC form this week at Theme Thursday so meet Mabel's little sister.

Credit to Valerie Brincheck, Efie's blogspot and Tammara at Pixel Music.

Font is Euphemia UCAS

Wednesday 9 September 2009

Three Muses Challenge 14 - Moonstruck

This week it's Marie's turn to host the Three Muses challenge and she has chosen Moonstruck as her theme.

So here's what that meant to me!

Credit to HoneyDesigns, UrbanFairy, SuzeeQue and Tammara from Pixel Music.

The quote is one by Kathryn Hepburn.

Font is MaryJane Tankard.

Thanks Marie.

Thank for taking the time to look.

Tuesday 8 September 2009

Frameworthy Challenge - Inspired by Turner

Created for the Scrapbookgraphics' Frameworthy challenge which this week is inspired by the British landscape painter Turner.

Credit to Alicepopkorn (CC at Flickr). Here

The hand was Googled.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday 5 September 2009

TGIF - Funny Animals

I hope a Napolibird is classed as a funny animal!!

Napolibird and all other elements are courtesy of Tammara at Pixel Music.

Fonts are Junior Star and Mary Jane Tankard.

Thanks for looking.

Happy Birthday Gothic Arches

An Arch in a Tag is the challenge at Gothic Arches. So here's wishing you a Happy Birthday.

Credit to Liz Designs for the text path, Tammara at Pixel Music for the Gothic Arch background, and the elements are courtesy of Minette 143.

Font : BahiaScriptSSK


Thursday 3 September 2009

Theme Thursday - Halloween ATC

At Theme Thursday this week the theme is Halloween ATCs, and of course Mabel just wanted to get involved. So here she is all 'got up' for the occasion.

Credit to Cleome1 from Flickr (free to use) for the hair and clothes. The three blended backgrounds and the hat are my own, and of course Mabel is part of the family.

Font is Agent Orange.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday 1 September 2009

Three Muses Challenge 13 - Charlie Chaplin

It's my turn this week to host the Three Muses challenge and I have chosen the theme of Charlie Chaplin.

So I layered, and coloured and blended, added a bit here and moved a bit there and ....... taa daa ..... this is the new Charlie Chaplin. I hope you like what you see.

Credit : All five images of Charlie Chaplin are in the public domain. The artist's dummy is my own.

Mixed Media Monday - Stitches

Stitches is the theme at MMM this week.

Credit to HollyAnn, Mrs Miles, Irene Alexeeva, PillowGirl and NumbBumm.

Thanks for taking the time to look.