Tuesday, 19 April 2022


 It's TIME at the Muses this week.  Tah Dah!


Sim said...

Such an impactful and beautiful tick-tock dear Ann.
Maybe the 'outside the blog' window like in this one is a solution?
What do you think?

sirkkis said...

Very happy, joyful clock interpretation. It's nice to see someone being that happy with 'time meter' ;) It's common that we are distressed with time and hurry.
It was great to receive the note from Bev. I sent my greetings.
Happy day to you xx

Deann said...

Wonderful collage work, I love the colors...great job.

Gillena Cox said...

Nice one !!!

Mine is


peggy gatto said...

Very cool!!!

Gillena Cox said...

Its Art For Fun Friday at my blog today

Drop by . Link in


Katrin said...

Ann, I'm sooo glad I can comment here on your blog.... (at Sim + ThreeMuses it doesn't work at the moment... even though I signed up for GOOGLE especially...)
Your TICK-Tock post is, as always, simply excellent.
All the best & best wishes Katrin