Tuesday 19 April 2022


 It's TIME at the Muses this week.  Tah Dah!


Sim said...

Such an impactful and beautiful tick-tock dear Ann.
Maybe the 'outside the blog' window like in this one is a solution?
What do you think?

sirkkis said...

Very happy, joyful clock interpretation. It's nice to see someone being that happy with 'time meter' ;) It's common that we are distressed with time and hurry.
It was great to receive the note from Bev. I sent my greetings.
Happy day to you xx

Deann said...

Wonderful collage work, I love the colors...great job.

Gillena Cox said...

Nice one !!!

Mine is


peggy gatto said...

Very cool!!!

Katrin said...

Ann, I'm sooo glad I can comment here on your blog.... (at Sim + ThreeMuses it doesn't work at the moment... even though I signed up for GOOGLE especially...)
Your TICK-Tock post is, as always, simply excellent.
All the best & best wishes Katrin