Tuesday 29 December 2020



Our theme at the Three Muses this week is to illustrate a QUOTE.  Here's mine!

Image Credits : TumbleFishStudio and the PublicDomain.

Thank you for looking.


Deann said...

Great quote and a wonderful picture my friend. Happy New Year.

sirkkis said...

That's right. We can fly high with creativity.
The year is ending and let's see to the new year hopefully.

Katrin said...

Great qoute and a wonderful interpretation of this. Creativity makes a lot possible if you dare to be creative.
Happy New Year

Jatta said...

We need balloons sometimes to fly.

Sim said...

Aaaaah, a new master stroke Ann!
I love it in its entirety!
(I can recognize your courage :)
Receive all my best thoughts my friend.

abby j said...

Don't you feel like you're soaring when you create something you love? Well done, Ann!

Mary M. said...

I love the imagery. This is a wonderful, very true, quote.