Tuesday 15 December 2020



It's CANDLES as the theme across at the Three Muses this week!  I could tell you I saw this from my bedroom window (a week last Tuesday) but I think it might be stretching the truth too far this time.

Image credits : Bluess, MilesBeyondTheMoon and the PublicDomain.

Thank you for looking ... and if you commented thank you again.


peggy gatto said...

She is wonderful!!! Best fishes!!!

Sim said...

Oh la la, she is FANTASTIC my friend!
She looks comfy! :D
I love the way your mind works!
(I would have recognized your work even without your signature dear Ann:)

Deann said...

What a unique and clever surreal you are so creative. I love this great job.

sirkkis said...

Are you sure you looked this ;) I wish a wonderful ride to the lady.
Have a great time ahead, my friend xx

Gillena Cox said...

Superb response!!!

Mine is HERE