Tuesday, 16 September 2014



Bev suggested we take inspiration from ROSES for the Three Muses' challenge this week .. and this is what happened next!

water splash - Paradise 234
blood drips, knife, wine glass - Moonglowlilly
black roses - UmbraDeNoapte
horse, gun, chess pieces, bloodied knife - Carolyn
crown - Pixel Music
backgrounds - Holliewood studio and Nichola Young
cloud - NumbBumm

Thank you for looking.


Karla B said...

This is super cool Ann! Fabulous, my friend!

Deann said...

Flipping Fabulous Ann I love it!

indybev said...

OK, I'm properly disturbed. You da queen of gore!

RambleOn aka pam said...

the War of the Roses! So cool how you pictured this...the killing of the king, back stabbing, across the waters, all provoking a fabulous picture of the times :)

sirkkis said...

Creative interpretation ot the War of the Roses. In my history book it was different;)

Judy said...

Macabre, BUT I love it, Ann!! The red and white roses have not gone unnoticed!! LOL!! Top Class art!

johanna said...

wow, Drama!! i totally love this, all about it!

chrissies said...

Such a dramatic piece--love it

Chrissie x

Bill said...

Holy cow! Break out the nightmares and pass the whiskey! :-) Wonderfully unexpected!

Tina Grimes said...

So much to look at and it really makes me think. I like that!