Saturday, 20 September 2014



It would be my turn to host at the Three Muses this week with a theme of ALTERED PLAYING CARDS if I were there .. but I'm not,  instead Hubby and me are taking a trip to Germany (the Rhine to be exact) ... so Marie has kindly offered to post my sample at the Muses on the appropriate day.

This then is my take on my playing card which I made into a little heritage parcel!

To a playing card I attached a background and a piece of lace to pretty it up.  Next I made two corner pockets to hold dis n dat of interest!  Mostly I filled the pockets with personal stuff, such as letters and photos of Mum and me and a Ministry of Food Ration Book.  Rationing did continued until 1954!   Finally, just to make sure the photos and stuff didn't fall out, I tied the whole thing up with a red ribbon!

Did I really make this a mixed media affair?   Well nope ..  no glue, stitching or ribbon tying except in my head .. just plain old photoshop! 

Thanks in advance, Marie, for posting my sample at the Three Muses.

And I will see you all in about a week having soaked up the sights, sounds and smells of Germany and taken a ton of photos. 

Thank you for looking.


Karla B said...

Enjoy yourself, my friend!

Electra said...

God bless Photoshop. Bring lots of pics!!

Judy said...

What a treasure, Ann, one for the scrapbook (if you are into that! - I'm not!) LOVE it!
A cruise down the Rhine?

Judy said...

of course have a fabulous holiday, in time for Oktoberfest?

Deann said...

What a lovely bundle of memories Ann it truly is a treasure.

Yvonne said...

Fabulous playing card, Ann! Enjoy you holiday :)

chrissies said...

All this on a playing card--it is amazing. Hope your trip is going well.

Love Chrissie x

RambleOn aka pam said...

Have a wonderful time! and thank you for this treasure you created for us to enjoy!

johanna said...

hi ann, i really enjoyed this challenge and your sample is wonderful! how was the trip? maybe you have some photos for us?

Anni - My Creative Life said...

Ann I love your playing card, what a wonderful idea with the small pocket to put a bundle of memories in.