Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Call me old fashioned, but doesn't a fish's expression always make it look full of sorrow?  Hee hee!

Bev asked for SORROW this week at the Three Muses and so here we are!

Credit to Kubivet and to Van Gogh whilst the rest is the public domain.

Thank you for looking.



sirkkis said...

This is brilliant, Ann:) The fist artwork I've seen to day that is both sad and fun. You are right: fishes' outlook is sad as if they feel sorrow. said...

oh yes fish do have that sadness look on them. Of course man is his enemy as we know. Either hooking him fishing or
bothering him swimming or in a fish bowl being captive.

Brilliant thinking on our theme of Sadness.

Mine is up on my blog.

indybev said...

Your fish soon to be out of water brings a humorous pathos to this challenge. .....humorous pathos ... is that an oxymoron? Oh well, at any rate, great art, and thanks for the smile as well!!

Junibears said...

I had to smile Ann! Great piece indeed! xx

Jez said...

Well, wouldn't you be more than a bit sorrowful if you had to swim around in a tiny glass bowl with only a sad naked lady to look at.
That is one of my favourite V.G. drawings and it is so clever to include her in such a subtle way.
I like indybev's term of 'humorous pathos'.

peggy gatto said...

I never felt sad about a fish before!

Judy said...

He'd be REALLY sad if he was on my plate with chips and mushy peas, Ann, definitely one out of left field as they say - a(nn)mazing fun take on sorrow! :)

Yvonne said...

Fantabulous, Ann!

Sim said...

Hello Ann,
(Hahaaaaa, for me a fish looks stupid :D)!
Very strong of you to make us smile in this sorrow challenge!
This pic is beautiful, cleverand so well done.

johanna said...

now that you say it - fishes really look sad... never thought about that before. your´s has a reason therefore, for sure! but anyway your piece makes me smile, i can´t help... gorgeous artwork, as always!!

Christine said...

They said it all... Anyway, I have to say: you are one of a kind my friend!