Thursday, 24 September 2009

Artists Studio Challenge No 2 - Mermaids

This is Daisy, Mabel's other sister, who married well and therefore was in a position to indulge her every fashion whim. Say what you like, but I think there's something just a little bit fishy about this outfit but Mabel says there is no accounting for taste.

Credit to Clearly Vintage (Flickr free to share) for Daisy, and also to a lovely French artists I discovered, (Cajoline-Scraps at her blogspot), for the remaining elements other than the fish tail which started life as a guppy and was altered by me.

Created for the new Artists Studio challenge at Digital Art Quirks.

Thanks for looking.


Donna B. Miller said...

She's just delightful, Ann. I think she may be the first elegant mermaid that I've ever seen.

Pam Tucker said...

Now that is one fashion-forward mermaid. I like her style!