Sunday, 8 February 2009

Quirkle 75 - Grunge

Lumilyon hosted the Quirkle again this week and gave us the lyrics of a song and the challenge was to illustrate 3 of the lines.

I chose 9 Bright Shiners, 6 Proud Walkers and One (is one and all alone).

See the lyrics here

Credit to Takeabreak for the girl, David Boyle for the Old People sign, Mike Baird for the Walkers and for the traffic lights.

I also used brushes by Neveryph 1 to get the grunge background and by 500ml for the People Walking sign. Mabel is also in there somewhere and she is one of the family and her photo belongs to me.

Thank you for looking


Ozstuff said...

Ann, this is stunning and so CREATIVE. I would like to bottle your brain and preserve it for posterity!! The nine lights part of the song are just inspired.
(PS - If you are romanced out by my piece of pink floss, check out my next romance piece and you will see the real me).

indybev said...

Make TWO bottles please, Marie! Ms. Ann never ceases to amaze me.