Friday, 13 February 2009

Art on the Dark Side - Carousel

I once got on a carousel horse with my grand daughter, but had to swap places with hubby as I just couldn't do it!!! Aaaagh.

Credit to Takeabreak for the ladies and to Michael in Flagstaff for the carousel horse (both in the public domain).

Thank you for looking.


Lumilyon said...

Must have been a traumatic experience Ann! This image has a satisfying sinister edge to it.

Kristen Hermanny said...

Very nice "Dark" image! I am not a fan of the ride myself. I don't think we were made to round and round and round.


June said...

this is fantastic, what a brilliant atmosphere you create with this one. Great work and pretty spooky my friend
thanks for sharing this and for entering the challenge
Hugs June xxx

Ozstuff said...

Fantastic!! The colours are magnificent and, yes, the horsie does have a certain sinister air about him.

Tacey said...

This is fabulous, Ann..He is a spooky horse! I love carousels and riding them with my grandson as he gets such a kick out of I had a problem with the dark side..LOL.

indybev said...

I'll never feel quite the same about carousel horses! This is a stroke of genius, Ann! You rock.