Monday, 10 November 2008

Stock Photo Challenge - Mabel's Euphoria

The stock photo challenge at Digital Art Quirks was hosted this week by Laurel, who chose a Saw to inspire her fellow Quirkers.


The elements and backgrounds (all altered) were courtesy of Kubivet. Art E Zines provided Mabel, and the Saw was by Sundstrom at Stockxchnge.

Font : Kathleen.


Ozstuff said...

Taluula surrealism at its very best. This one reminds me of how your brain works, Ann!! Fantastic.

indybev said...

I can see you had fun with this one, Ann. You do these so very well, and we enjoy them so very much!! Applause from my house!

Veronica said...

You are so good at this - makes mine look boring and ordinary - methinks i need to venture outside the box a bit more.


Vron xx