Thursday, 13 November 2008

Love Story

Sue hosted the stock photo challenge at DAQ and she set the challenge for quirksters to use this face in a layout.

Flower courtesy of KlarrisaH, face from Thanx at Stockxchnge, and Leonardo and Mona were Googled and (altered).


indybev said...

I had to pause to get my chin off my shoe-tops. What a stunning idea! It's fascinating to look at this one and wonder how you came up with it. Beautiful!

Veronica said...

You know I love this - it is so delicate.
Vron xx

Ozstuff said...

My chin's on the ground too! This is inspired. What a fantastic idea to make a clever negative of Mona and add the stockphoto face. This has to be one of your very best, Ann. I never cease to be amazed at the workings of your mind!!

Anonymous said...

This is so cool! Beautifully done!