Thursday, 9 October 2008

Witching Hour - A Moo

I've recently been introduced to the Moo, a piece of artwork measuring 1.1 x 2.8 inches.

This is my first Moo so as it's October I gave it a Halloween theme.

Credit to Kubivet for the Halloween elements, and to MagicMarie at Stockxchnge for the clock.

Fonts are WhatsHappened and Vampyr.


Ozstuff said...

Isn't this the best kind of fun, Ann? Bev and I have resisted becoming bloggers, probably because we thought it would be all too difficult. It couldn't be easier!! Takes a little time to iron out all the features but we have plenty of that (not).
I love your MOOs. I am always telling Bev that she has a mind like a jar of worms and I have to say you have a mind like TWO jars of worms!!

Kristen H said...

I had heard of MOOs, but didn't know what the exact description was...thanks for clearing it up! I enjoyed looking at your blog. Thank you for sharing!