Friday, 10 October 2008

Quirkle 57 - Friends

I subscribe to a Digital Art website called Digital Art Quirks where the emphasis is more on creating fun and quirky art rather than creating traditional scrapbook layouts.

We have regular weekly challenges and one of them is a Quirkle. Each week one of the members hosts the challenge and chooses three elements that should be used to create the quirkle.

For Quirkle 57 the elements were to choose and use a word and it's definition, add a touch of gold and a crown.

Here's mine called Friendship. I forgot to add a crown but my friends at DAQ were too polite to mention it when they gave me feedback. Ooops.

Credit to NumBum for the backgrounds (altered and blended), BlueGum for the hands (altered), and As His for the children (also altered). Font : WhatsHappened.

Come and join us and have some fun at


indybev said...

I want to be the first to leave a comment on your blog, Ann! I'm so proud of you. I told you it was simple as could be. Wheeeeee, who says you can't teach us old dogs new tricks!!

Anonymous said...

I will be the second to leave a comment on your blog, Ann! I so glad you took the step! You will have fun! I am!

Donna B. Miller said...

Congrats on the new blog, Ann. It just ooks wonderful.

Ozstuff said...

Ann, I am so thrilled to see you up and running on your blog! It looks fantastic. You have done a great job of introducing DAQ to whoever visits your website. Your picture is absolutely scrumptious.
(To include your photo, go to the DASHBOARD section where you manage blogs. Top left hand corner lists four actions (view profile, edit profile, edit photo and my account). Click on EDIT PHOTO and it should take you through the prociess).