Tuesday, 7 December 2021



Our theme at the Three Muses this week is SNOWMAN and that reminded me of the Snowman I saw from my bedroom window (a week last Tuesday).  Well I think it was a man but either way it was sporting a very stylish hat and some equally stylish shoes!

Image credits : Pixabay and Itkupilli.


peggy gatto said...

She's a charmer!

Deann said...

She is delightful I love the snow globe nice touch.

Sim said...

Hahaha! I adore his hat indeed! And his shoes...
Well, he is perfectly dressed to party! :D
I really like the curtain of stars and the glitter of the snow.
Well done dear Ann!
Stay safe and warm my friend.

Gillena Cox said...

Happy snowman. Luv the boots.

Mine is HERE


Katrin said...

Cool - and wonderful "Mrs Frosty".
When we were children we built snowmen - but now there is little snow here with us. (More slush and grey - little snow magic).
Best wishes & stay well

peggy gatto said...

posting here because link not accepted at 3 muses site

Anne (cornucopia) said...