Tuesday 24 November 2020


 Our theme at the Three Muses this week is FISH and that is very timely as that's exactly what I saw from my bedroom window (a week last Tuesday).  This particular fish was riding a bicycle and what's more he was singing Singing In the Rain as he splashed through the puddles.  I don't know where he was going or indeed where he had come from but there is he was!

Credit : MartaVanEck and the public domain.

Thank you for looking.


Sim said...

He really makes me smile and I thank you a lot Ann!
He is not only full of fun, but also surreal, expressive (for a fish :) and beautiful!
You are always used to see wonders through your windows...
I wonder where you are living
Maybe the land of the limitless imagination and talented people?

Deann said...

This is so fun and creative. Between you and Sim I am in Surreal Heaven...great job.

indybev said...

Your work is always outstanding, but of late it's taken a turn for stupendous! This is wondrous fun!

Gillena Cox said...

What a dramatic presentation. There in lies a story


Mary M. said...

This is wonderful. I wish I had an inch of your creative talent. I always enjoy stopping by to see what you create.