Sunday 11 October 2020


 Our word for inspiration across at Take a Word this week is NUMBERS!  Ta dah!

Credit : PublicDomain.

Thank you for looking.


sirkkis said...

Time and numbers are just necessity these days. Unique presentation. Well done, my friend.

Deann said...

Oh Wow what a wonderful take on numbers...cartwheels.

Sim said...

That's great!
This one is really a winner and deserves to be enlarged (specially to find that there are also black birds going the other way).
Loud applause from my corner Ann!

indybev said...

TIME FLIES! Beautifully illustrated, Miss Ann!

peggy gatto said...

Time sure flies...or not!!!

Katrin said...

Clever playing for numbers. And sure: "Time flies ..."
Greetings Katrin