Tuesday, 1 September 2020


 We have GOTHIC ARCHES across at the Muses this week .. so here's mine.  A celebration of the summer we never had this year.  Moaning.!  :D

Credit to Itkupilli.

Thank you for looking and taking the time to comment.


Sim said...

Ho! Wonderful!
They are irresistible!
I love your sens of humour dear Ann; loud applause from my place where we have had a summer, but so quickly finished.... Won't you take a vacation in the sun this year?

(My blog rolls doesn't work anymore, have you a little idea for helping me please?)

indybev said...

This is great fun....and now I wan a strawberry ice cream cone!

peggy gatto said...

total fun!!!!

Deann said...

A Gothic arch and ice cream what more more could you possibly want.

Katrin said...

Wonderful sample! And I wish I could be by the sea ... *soifz*
It's a longing pur place (for me)!
best wishes Katrin

Gillena Cox said...

Lots of fun.

Mine is HERE


Michele said...

i do love this. as i said on the 3M page, it is unexpected to see a beach scene in the gothic arch and it is wonderful. joyful! xo