Sunday 7 June 2020


Our word for inspiration this week at Take a Word is CANDLES.  But hey candles is NOT what I saw from my window (a week last Tuesday).  Nope it was a cow ..... and she jumped over the moon.  Honest!

Credit to SharingTubes.

Thank you for looking.


abby j said...

Did she make it? Clever... 👏❤️

indybev said...

My goodness, there you go drinking that funny juice again! This gave me a smile.

Katrin said...

Absolutely sooo cool & a clever take once more agian!
THIS made my day :-)))
Best wishes

sirkkis said...

You keep your original, wonderful style, Ann. You nullify the saying that cows can't fly ;)
I like the green color sades and cat's eyes :)

Deann said...

I love this... totally off the wall and wonderful.

Mary M. said...

I too want to know, did the cow make it over?