Tuesday, 31 March 2020


Our theme at the Three Muses this week is EGG which is really strange because when I looked out of my kitchen window (a week last Tuesday) what do I see but loads of flowering eggs.  So quick as a flash I picked a few and brought them inside to brighten my day!

Credits : SharingTubes, Pixabay and Pngimg.com.

Thank you for looking.


Deann said...

Who would have thunk it, but it works by George...very clever and beautiful work.

sirkkis said...

Visually a candy for eyes. Original, Ann.

Sim said...

Dear Ann, you are a QUEEN of art, spirit, humour and beauty!
This one is purely eggcellent!!

Just a little visit to say that I think of you, that I wish all is okay for you and yours.
And that for me it's allright! Kisses XXX