Tuesday, 10 November 2015


I think everyone is just a little bit quirky whether they own up to it or not.  At least I hope that's true as otherwise it would be just me!!

I was once asked (as an 'ice breaker' during an information session at work) to tell the rest of the group one thing that only I knew about me.  As I watched many of my colleagues begin to panic about what they could tell I knew exactly what piece of information I would divulge to the rest of the group.

And this is what I told them :

I always put my left sock on first as it's the world's best cure for toothache.

Reason : 
During a childhood conversation with a friend she told me she always put her left sock on first to ward off toothache.  Not wanting to chance toothache I have dressed my left foot first ever since!

Credits to Irene Alexeeva.

Thank you for looking.


sirkkis said...

Thanks for the hint, Miss Ann ;) Take care and keep thät !!

Karla B said...

What a lovely piece Ann!Love , love it!

indybev said...

Well no wonder she puts her left sock on first...it appears to be the only leg she has! Very clever, Miss Ann, and chuckle-worthy as well.

Deann said...

I love this challenge and your quirks how fun...it made me stop and think which sock I put on first...lol

Ozstuff said...

I have tried the left foot trick myself and have to admit that it works except for me it took over 40 years so can't claimed to be a success. How did it work? Well, I'm now living a peaceful, single life.
Love your story and your illustration, Ann. Thanks for the giggle.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ann, It was time for me to know how to avade toothache. I will try it, thanks for the tip!
Herzlich Pippa

Judy said...

I bet that saved on dentist bills, Ann, (as she flashed her shining white teeth!!)

Now that is the quirkiest thing, but of course the art is brilliant!

Sim said...

Hahaha! Your collage made me laugh and so did the Bev's comment :D!
Your little face is adorable, your eyes are mischievous and the whole composition is perfect in everyway Ann!
Thank you for the jubilation! :)

Judy said...

Think of the fun we could have Photoshopping those photos!!!!