Saturday, 1 August 2015



Created for the Digitalmania challenge where this week we are making 'mashups'!

There is nothing so timeless as a little black dress ... says Mona!

Credit to Teddi at Elegant Whispers for background elements.  The dress is a Dover sample and Mona is, of course, herself.

Thank you for looking.


Anonymous said...

such a cool lady!
Herzlich Pippa

Sim said...

Hahaha! This one is hilarious Ann! :D
You talent, humour and imagination are infinite!!
Bravo from my heart my friend.
(Mona is incredible, we can recognize her despite all the disguises she can found and imagine! :)

peggy gatto said...

Well you
I love her!!!!!!

Ozstuff said...

Well, I don't think our Mona has ever looked so glamorous! This is a fabulous piece, Ann. I love everything about it. Standing ovation from me.