Sunday, 7 December 2014


I'm not a fan of November.   It's misty, murky, damp and miserable and I have to keep reminding myself that December will be along shortly promising bright, crisp, cold days full of light.  So when December arrived last week it was time to be out and about.  We chose a trip to the east coast.  Scarborough or Whitby - either would be a treat.  But Whitby won in the end.
As we came in over the top of the Yorkshire moors we spied Whitby below and we knew we were in for a lovely day.
The sun was shining, so the day was bright and full of light, and the sea was calm enough to capture almost perfect reflections.  I had two cameras with me and I made full use of both until the batteries gave up.
The Abbey on top of the cliff ... it gets nearer to the edge every time we visit.
Then there was a little bit of drama.  As we were peering over the sea wall the lifeboat was launched .. off to rescue a small boat in difficulties.   It was almost out of frame before I could capture it on camera.  The little boat was brought safely back to harbour.
Then it was time to make our way home across the Yorkshire moors where someone, a few years ago, thought it would be amusing to 'trim up' one of the pine trees by the side of the road in full Christmas style.  It WAS amusing and on this trip we counted seven fully laden 'Christmas' trees all ready for the  festive season.


Christine said...

Great shots. It was really a bright day, great for perfect photos.

Karla B said...

I intend to go to Ireland next year and whenever I see a photo of it, I feel like being there as soon as possible. Gorgeous pictures, Ann!

sirkkis said...

What wonderful photos from Whitby. I see the sceneries almost daily as I'm fond of the Heart break TV-serie. They show now here the old episodes that I've not seen earlier. The music is so nostslgic and stories wonderful from Aidensfield. Thanks for greetins:)

sirkkis said...

Sorry, of course Hear beat!!

indybev said...

Thanks so much for sharing your photos from your trip, Ann. I enjoy them immensely!

Linda Gibbons said...

What a beautiful place! Great photos, I could photograph watery reflections forever!