Sunday, 23 June 2013



This week our word for inspiration is HAPPINESS ..... of the true kind. 

Credit to Caroline at Sharing Tubes and to Irene Alexeeva.

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sheila 77 said...

I think that about covers it, especially Health and Pencils.

Christine said...

You are good in lists! This one has almost everything I love. Beautiful imagery.

Karla B aka Lady Skyclad said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely work!

My Creative Life said...

This is a such a wonderful piece, love all your words and everything about it.

Bill said...

Very apropos! What makes us happy is different from person to person, and you've captured that beautifully!

Sim said...

Hahaaaa, I can see Johnny Depp! :D
We love you too dear Ann! ;)
Your mind is beautiful
Your heart is wonderful.
And your art is pure HAPPINESS!!!

Ozstuff said...

Did you think you could slip in the fact that you are besotted with Johnny Depp? This is so beautiful, Ann. Your muse didn't go missing in Egypt! She is alive and well and living in Yorkshire. Fantastic.

Deann said...

Johnny Depp??...I don't know "T" he doesn't seem to be making the mother of his children to happy right now...I think you need to relegate him to a great
Although he is such a hunk and makes me smile and get all tingly inside...okay happiness. Great picture by the way.

Electra said...

Johnny Depp?! I feel like I know you better now. This is wonderful, it floats with joy!