Friday, 9 November 2012


You may already know that Marie (Ozstuff), has a challenge group across at Flickr called Digitalmania,  where each week we digital artists, take inspiration from the works of a chosen artist.

Last week we explored the work of FINNABAIR and that inspired me to create this.

This week, we've taken a slightly different tac and have been invited to use the face of MAUDE FEALY as our inspiration and to create some work in which she features.

For this one I extracted her from the background, then using a soft airbrush in Photoshop, I began to over paint the original black and white image.  

Adding a new layer each time on which to paint, and reducing the opacity as needed I began with the skin tone.   Followed up with the lip colour and blue for the eyes.  I added deep shade under the upper eyelids and around the eye itself to keep a three dimensional feel and and to define the eyes before adding colour to the lower lashes.  Before leaving the face I placed small areas of white on the lips and in the pupils to add light and shine, and then as a final touch to the painted effect I added a light shading of red to Maude's hair.

Finally, to define the light and shade I added the alfresco filter.  Then I knew it was done!


Next week at Digitalmania we'll be looking at the work of a very talented young Hungarian artist

So if you are a digital artist and like a challenge why not think about joining us at Flickr.  

You already know we are a friendly bunch and you would certainly be welcome.


If you need to know more why not email Marie who I'm sure would be able to help.


Sim said...

Wouaouh Ann, both are BRILLIANT!
What a splendid artwork my friend!
(I don't know what an alfresco filter is, I haven't found in google...)
Kisses dear! :)

Queenie Believe said...

Both creations are wonderful,the first one in particular touches my heart.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

"MOI" Freubel said...

I admire FINNABAIR since long. What she can make is unbelievable.
But what YOU have done with Maude's portrait is astonishing as well Ann.
It was very interesting to read how you did this !!