Sunday 28 August 2011


This week across at Flickr on Marie's Digitalmania challenge we were asked to 'alter' a famous work of art.  

I have heard there is a theory that when Edvard Munch created his famous Scream, the scream was not in fact coming from the figure but rather the figure was sheltering himself from an external scream.  (Well, that's what my old art teacher told us anyway), and that got me thinking about who would be so naughty and uncouth as to frighten the figure so.  Mmmmmmmm.

As you may be aware Mona is not such a demure lady behind that enigmatic smile as might be thought.  Spending the hours until dawn partying is more her style.

However, the morning after the night before is not always kind to our Mona.  I believe she had misplaced her dentures when this little shot was taken.

Thank you for taking the time to look.  :D


peggy gatto said...

I love them all!!!
you are the best!!!

Judy said...

SIMPLY THE BEST, shouting from the rooftops, classic Ann, sheer brilliance!
Wow, what a fabulous prize you won, looking for ward to seeing some journal pages??