Monday, 1 March 2010

More Travels Around New Zealand

As the sun set on Whatuwhiwhi

Wonderful Pohutukawa trees on the beach at Whatuwhiwhi in Doubtless Bay

Waiting for the sun to rise. We were evacuated to the top of a hill at Taipo Bay because of the Tsunami

Reflections of a swimming hole - Coromandel

First sight of the sea - Coromandel

Sunset over Greymouth

I couldn't resist this shot when four people brought their chairs down to the beach to watch the sunset.

Aaah wonderful


Terri Kahrs said...

Ohhhhh, how stunning!!!! Thanks for sharing these great pics and your travels! I'm soooo happy to hear that you're having a wonderful time! Hugs, Terri xoxo

indybev said...

The photos are stunning, Ann. I'm so glad you're sharing with us. It's as close as I'll ever get to NZ!! I love the names, and in my mind I'm having great fun with Whatuwhiwhi ......

Judy said...

Stunning from me too, Ann, wondered if you were near the coast when the tsunami warning came, just another tale to tell when you get back! Not long now, take care!

Ozstuff said...

Gorgeous photos, Ann. I have so enjoyed your journey (albeit vicariously). I know what Bev means when she says in her mind she is having great fun with the names - I was thinking "What you wee wee"

Glenda said...

Thanks for sharing photos of my homeland. They are stunning, especially at Whatuwhiwhi. I love Pohutukawa trees (NZ Christmas trees) and miss them here in Australia at Christmas time.

Glenda said...

LOL I just noticed what Ozstuff said.
hehehee yep Maori names are hard, but remember that the WH is an F sound, so its fot u fi fi.........cheers