Sunday, 27 December 2009

Digital Art Quirks - Artist's Studio Challenge

Marie, aka Ozstuff, is hosting the Artist's Studio challenge at Digital Art Quirks this week and she asked us to make a journal page.

However, before I could get going Mabel took over and made her own journal page about her thoughts on Christmas.

Credit to Vanessian Vintage Designs, Elizabeth Golden and Granny Art. I created the painted background, and Mabel, as you know is part of the family.

Fonts used are : Depressionist Three, Mark, Matejino, Soft Autumn and Pushkin.



indybev said...

You are such an imp....and a talented one at that. Thank you for sharing the gospel according to Mabel! Good for a smile!

Ozstuff said...

Hey Ann, wouldn't it be a marvellous thing if you decided to keep a journal called "The Gospel according to Mabel". You could add to it here and there, depending on the season and how things are effecting you. It would be a hoot.
I love your journal page. As well as being creative, clever and downright funny, sadly it is SO TRUE.

Lorraine said...

ha ha ha like the gospel according to Mabel..happy new year and thanks for your great comments on my blog