Tuesday, 22 July 2014



This is the story of Gladys, a real live articulated paper doll, who wants more than anything to be a steampunk princess.  She trawls the charity shops (also know in some parts of the world as goodwill or op shops) for suitable clothes and accessories to realise her dream.  Her friends seem able to achieve the 'look' but so far Gladys has not ... hence her glum expression!  May be one day!

Credit to SharingTubes and JoesSistah ... with a little help from my own private stash.

Thank you for looking.


indybev said...

Alas, poor Gladys, I knew her well...but her sense of style was shot to h*** ! This is wondrously clever and funny, Ann. I love her polka-dot knickers!!

Bill said...

I think her outfit is wonderful! It's steampunk/zetti!

sparkle100-havealook.blogspot.com said...

Very sweet and oh so humor's . Great !

Mine is up.

johanna said...

she´s a hoot!! i love all about her unique outfit!

Sim said...

Great idea and funny story.
I love the Gladys' clothes, her apple-green doc Martens are splendid, and her moon-heart corset cover is delicious!
If I was her, I wouldn't have this glum expression... Hahaha!
Well done dear Ann, as usual!

peggy gatto said...

Big smiles from me!!!!

Junibears said...

A wonder as always dear Ann! Poor Gladys, I love her! xx

Linda Gibbons said...

Well, thanks for the laugh with this story. Gladys looks like I would if I tried that!